Commerce Inspector Review

If you are in the e-commerce business, then you probably already know that understanding your
analytics and being able to know what is working and what isn’t can mean the difference between
barely limping along and being hugely successful.

But how do you get that data, and what do you do with it once you have it? That’s exactly where
Commerce Inspector comes in. Commerce Inspector is one of the most valuable tools out there
for e-commerce websites.

Allowing them to keep track of their competitors and what they are doing, identify trends before
it is too late to take advantage of them and discover apps and themes that are being used by
some of the most successful websites out there. Let’s take a closer look at this e-commerce tool.

Top Five Features

Let’s look at the top five features that Commerce Inspector offers the professional e-commerce
marketer. These are innovative, useful features that you really should use whenever you can.

1. One-Click Bestseller Lists

The first feature that we’re going to look it is the one-click bestseller lists that Commerce Inspector
can give you. Knowing what items in your store are selling the best, and which ones are total flops,
gives you a great deal of control over increasing your profit margin.

For example, with any type of advertising that you do, making sure that you feature some of your
bestselling items is sure to make it more effective. Commerce Inspector easily displays your
bestselling items in an easy to view list.

2. Traffic Insights

Knowing where your traffic is coming from is an extremely valuable tool when it comes to an
e-commerce website.

If you know that you are getting organic search results from a specific grouping of keywords,
then you can concentrate on improving your ranking with those keywords and attract even
more potential customers.

You can also shore up areas where traffic may only be coming in a slow trickle. Commerce
Inspector gives you all kinds of data on how visitors get to your site and what they do once
they arrive.


3. Third-Party Tools

If you are not using third-party tools to help you manage your e-commerce website, then you are
ignoring a huge source of untapped resources. Third-party tools, in many cases, were designed
by e-commerce experts or for e-commerce experts, and there are so many out there that you will
always be able to discover some new way to make your store better.

4. Store Intelligence for Hot Items

No longer will you miss out on huge opportunities to sell popular products at the peak of their
popularity because you simply didn’t have the time to do manual research. Store intelligence for
the hottest products tell you when someone is selling like the proverbial hotcake and add it to
your inventory before it is too late.

5. Automatic Discovery of High-Performing Competitors

People have been studying the tactics of their competitors to improve their own operations ever
since the retail industry began. You can now take advantage of the automation offered by Commerce
Inspector to discover the best-performing shops that are similar to yours so that you can study
exactly what they are doing right and emulate them to increase your own bottom line.


Top Five Benefits

Now, let take a look at some of the benefits of Commerce Inspector for your e-commerce operation;
understanding that benefits that a service like Commerce Inspector can give you will make a huge
difference in deciding whether or not to use the tool.

1. More Data

The first benefit that you get is the ability to gather a lot more data and to gather that data a lot
faster. It can be difficult to gather data anyway, but if you need specific information to show you
how to improve your store, this data can be even more difficult because you have to sift through so
much other information to get it. But Commerce Inspector already knows what you need and has
the tools to gather that data for you.

2. Up-to-Date Information

You also get up-to-date information on your store. With some analytics tools, the information that you
get is already somewhat outdated. Looking at sales data from the previous month has a certain amount
of value, but if you are in the middle of the seasonal spike, then you want to look at the most up-to-date
information possible.

3. Competitiveness with Other E-Commerce Stores

Not everyone is using a tool like Commerce Inspector, but for those that are, you want to be able to
compete with them, and that means that you are going to have to use the same tools yourself. Smart
and successful e-commerce websites are using tools like these to grow their business.

4. Identification of Trends

When you can identity trends – especially at their very beginning stages – you have a much more
enhanced ability to take advantage of those trends and make a great deal of money in a very short
amount of time. But you can only identify these trends through guesswork or with the finally honed
detection system within programs like Commerce Inspector.

5. More Time for Important Tasks

When you have to spend your time doing manual research or collecting data on your sales yourself, you
do not have time for the more important tasks that need done within your store. That’s why this is
such an important and useful tool.


We are going to give this a rating of 4 out of 5. It is one of the best tools out there for e-commerce,
but there are a few that do a better job.

Closing Thoughts

You can check out at

The bottom line is that while this is an extremely useful tool with tons of features and lots of benefits
for your e-commerce business, you should check out some of the other tools as well before you make
a decision. But no matter what, you should definitely be making use of tools like these to make your
business better.



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